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      We decided to do morning show rap battles but they obviously turned into Crap Battles.      ...
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UPDATED: Final Collection of Walk Up Music For Everyday People

Do you have a job that needs some serious hype? Email Dave  and tell him what you do, and if we pick you, you're going to get the most overblown NBA walk-up music ever. Confetti and...
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A Plate of Nachos 4 President!

A memo from David R Kaelin.
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Dave & Jimmy Prom Re-Do 2016 Photos

We threw a prom for people who had bad prom experiences. This is what happened.
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Dave & Jimmy's Prom Redo

We all went to prom but weren't satisfied with how it went so we're doing it all over. Sam was drunk at her prom.     We're posting prom pics this week!...
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Dave & Jimmy's "Salute" to Prince

We put on an incredibly abridged Prince tribute this morning. Be careful what you wish for...    
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Prince Interrogates Jimmy

  Photo credit: Getty Images
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Steve-O boobs on fire!

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We Did It For The Money

Odd jobs were taken for part time cash.
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Bad Singing, Big Screaming, Wet Women

That's the internet, thanks for coming.
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